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Sometimes one small shift creates BIG and WONDERFUL changes!

If you're an entrepreneur, business owner or self-employed professional who is tired of feeling stuck, overwhelmed and even a bit lost, it's time to do something new, bold and courageous for yourself and invest in the BEST NEXT MOVE call because getting unstuck, clear and happier will be the best thing you do for yourself TODAY!

Best Next Move Zoom Call
90 Minutes For $90

 "This was the best $90 I've spent in a very long time, maybe ever!"


Why is it the best thing you can do for yourself?

Because sometimes you need a little help, and that's OK! 

  • No one likes feeling lost or disorganized and those feelings are completely unnecessary and avoidable.

  • If you're saying “I know what I should be doing for my business but I’m not doing it”, then let's figure that out. 

  • If you find yourself procrastinating, we can create an action step that excites you and moves you forward because even a little bit of movement makes a big difference.  

  • Owning a business and being an entrepreneur involves a lot of moving parts and oftentimes it's difficult to know what to focus on and I can help you gain clarity which can boost your confidence and spark enthusiasm for your business. 

  • It's helpful to bounce your ideas off of someone who isn't attached to them, plus an outside perspective is a fresh perspective and wonderful things happen when two innovative minds come together!

  • All you need to do now is make the decision to do something different because staying in the same stuck, overwhelmed or lost place is not in your best interest, wouldn't you agree?


    What's taking you so long to book your

    Best Next Move call? 

    Don't overthink it!

    Overthinking things just slows you down and it's probably what's also been getting in your way. The 90-Minute Best Next Move call will be a great ROI on your time. Guaranteed. Don't take my word for it, here's what Louis had to say:

    Here’s the thing

    …if you’re like most entrepreneurs you started your business out of a passion, interest, need in the marketplace or your own experience with the product or service. BUT you didn't quite create the big picture and go from there, instead you went about it one day at a time and for good, better or worse, you're feeling the consequences of not having a clear plan of action and you're feeling a bit stuck in place. And that can be incredibly frustrating, draining and stressful. 

    The kind of good news is that you’re not alone. In fact, the majority of entrepreneurs, small business owners and service-provider professionals went about it exactly the way you did and feeling the way you are. But it doesn't have to stay that way for you my friend!

    One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is feeling like they have to go at it alone. It's not only a mistake, it's a setback.  

    Best Next Move Zoom Call
    90 Minutes For $90


    And Imagine what it would be like to...

  • Get your ideas out of your crowded mind.

  • Create a clearer picture of your vision.

  • Have a like-minded entrepreneur to bounce your ideas off of.

  • Expand your entrepreneurial knowledge. 

  • Feel less overwhelmed and stressed. 

  • Gain a boost of confidence and feel better about where you are and where you're headed. 

  • …Now imagine the level of enthusiasm, excitement and relief you're going to feel after just 90 minutes!






    Hey amazing entrepreneur, you don’t need to stay stuck!

    Best Next Move Zoom Call
    90 Minutes For $90

    Hey amazing entrepreneur, business owner and service-provider professional, how does this sound?

    As A Result Of Your Best Next Move Call

    You'll Have:

    01 A better and clearer vision of the big picture of your business. 

    02 A better sense of where you are now and where you want to be. 

    03 More enthusiasm and a rekindled spark for your business.

    04 Feedback from a 30-year entrepreneur on ideas that you may have not already thought of. 

    05 Helpful resources and possible new connections. 

    06 A better understanding of what may be holding you back or getting in your way.

    07 An Action plan for your BEST NEXT MOVE!

    Best Next Move Zoom Call
    90 Minutes For $90

    On a personal and intimate note…

    Just like you, I’m always striving to be in that “work-life balance” flow and for the most part I can say that I’m there. My personal Element Type is Water and I am definitely a go with the flow kind of person who loves to float in the ocean or sit in a clear creek watching the water run through the rocks. The water clears my mind and refreshes my soul. I’m often told that being around me feels very grounding, which explains a lot because my secondary Element Type is Earth. I recharge by having my feet on the ground hiking and trail running and my hands in my garden.

    These are some of my best moments…with Cooper by my side of course!

    I love to spend my free time with my hubby, family, friends, and especially my fur-baby Cooper! We’ll either be at the beach or on a trail in Hawaii, or hiking Red Rock in the Nevada desert because those are the two states we live in.

    I’m also an introvert and I enjoy my quiet time. Oftentimes I’ll sit on my comfy chair while sipping my tea and just listen to the birds and take in the view around me and remind myself that "life is good". 

    P.S. If you feel motivated and inspired to take a fresh look at your business, I invite you to secure a 90-Minutes For $90 Best Next Move Call so that I can help you jumpstart your enthusiasm and take a step toward your definition of success!

    Best Next Move Zoom Call
    90 Minutes For $90

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